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LeBron James captures his 4th NBA championship with convincing fashion. Does he now own the greatest career in NBA History?

LeBron James has once again proved how legendary a player of his stature is when it comes to NBA finals performances. Before the title clinching game 6 against The Miami Heat, LeBron was 38–10 in closeout games (79.2%) which is a spectacular statistic, and now he is 39–10 in those games. 28 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists in game 6 as he now has 28 post-season triple doubles, only trailing Magic Johnson (30).

It is crazy to think how throughout the season every basketball analyst in different media platforms start by selecting a team at the beginning of the season that has the pieces to reach the NBA finals in a conference where LeBron is playing in, but then at the end, it is LeBron James in his 10th NBA finals. Now it is warranted that teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, and the Denver Nuggets were considered contenders and certainly the bubble did change the playoff settings; regardless, LeBron James was not fazed by the challenge.

“I want my damn respect too” LeBron James said while holding the Larry O’Brian and his finals MVP, and he got it. Regardless of the GOAT debate, does LeBron now own the greatest career in NBA history? it really shows that he does given his longevity, individual trophies, finals appearances, his playoff ranking in each statistical category, lets check them out.

LeBron James’ Playoff Statistics
LeBron James’ Playoff Statistics
LeBron James’ Playoff Statistics

Add to that 4 MVPs, 4 NBA finals MVPs, 10 finals appearances (8 consecutive). Teams to come back from 3–1 deficit in the NBA finals are 34–1, the 1 is LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. Lead a below average 2007 Cavs team to the finals all by himself. Only superstar to win 3 titles with 3 different teams, and he has done it in both conferences after everyone called him out for competing in a weaker eastern conference throughout his career, but now his record is 16–5 in the playoffs this season, 12–3 in the western conference playoffs.

You can say whatever you want about the GOAT debate, it will always be an on going discussion between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. What is harder to argue against, is LeBron James having the greatest career in NBA history.

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